September 19, 2015

About Elisabeth Donati

Named the “2010 Financial Educator of the Year Award” by National Financial Educators Council, Elisabeth Donati provides financial literacy education programs and events for kids, teens and (mostly) women all over the world. She’s provided financial education coaching and advice to hundreds of adults over the years and thousands of youth with her Camp Millionaire, Moving Out! for Teens, and The Money Game.

Elisabeth owns and run Creative Wealth Intl, LLC and is the creator of several super engaging and highly effective financial education programs. Creative Wealth has also licensed their unique brand of financial education to more than 10 countries in the world.

Elisabeth Donati

Since she started Creative Wealth in 2002, in Santa Barbara, California, Elisabeth has…
  • Trained hundreds of adults of all walks of life to teach Camp Millionaire and The Money Game to kids, teens and adults with her unique and mind-blowing Teacher Training events.
  • Empowered more than 10,000 youth, teens and adults with her different financial education programs.
  • Interviewed by Fox Business News twice.
  • Named the “2010 Financial Educator of the Year Award” by National Financial Educators Council.
  • Had articles and interviews in the Wall Street Journal and Los Angeles Times as well as many smaller, local media outlets all over the U.S.
  • Had the BBC attend, film and do an entire program about her Camp Millionaire camps.
  • Had reporters from all over the globe attend her camps for feature articles in international papers.
  • Dubbed as The Financial Literacy Lady by her teachers and fans.
  • Interviewed on many local and national radio shows around the U.S.
  • Licensed her program to more than 15 countries around the world in the past 10 years.

“I had no idea I would change the way kids, teens and adults learned about money and investing…”

Born and raised on a farm in Bend, Oregon, Elisabeth learned how to do just about everything, except what to do with money. Little did she know that not learning about money and investing would send her in a direction that gave her more joy than she could have ever dreams.

She was about 30 when she looked around and asked herself this question…

“Why is it that other women have enough extra money to go on vacation and buy their own houses and such?”

Right after she asked that question, a friend gave her Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki. After reading (or devouring actually) that book, she had the largest ah-ha she’d ever had. She realized the simple answer was that no one had taught her about money when she was younger!

financial education camp elisabeth donati

Elisabeth doing what she loves best…teaching teens about money and investing!

So…after she taught herself, she made a commitment to teach as many others as she could. Viola’…that decision let to whole new career teaching others about money and investing. Not once has she ever looked back.

Elisabeth says, “It’s not often that you are gifted with a purpose that affects other people’s lives in such a positive and dramatic way. I feel blessed and honored to be doing what I do. The cards, emails and phone calls I get from the kids, teens, parents and women who experience my programs get me out of bed in the morning. I never get tired of doing what I do and I’m constantly dreaming of ways to do it better and on a larger scale!”

Elisabeth is now the Pres./CEO of Creative Wealth Intl., LLC and creator of the innovative financial education programs The Money Game ®, Camp Millionaire, Moving Out! for Teens and her newly designed woman’s program, Celebrating Women and Wealth. She is also the 2010 Financial Educator of the Year Award from the National Financial Educators Council. She trains people all over the globe to empower kids and teens to be responsible for themselves and the world.

Rocks to Riches is her first Kids’ Financial Adventure, a genre she hopes will catch on as financial education becomes as commonplace as reading, writing, and arithmetic!

The inspiration behind Celebrating Women and Wealth

Many years ago, Elisabeth and her assistant Jan, put on three weekend programs called Creative Wealth for Women. They were amazing. Women still email her today and tell her how that one program changed their lives.

Elisabeth at her very first Creative Wealth for Women program. We were a happy group.

Elisabeth at her very first Creative Wealth for Women program. We were a happy group.

The woman’s program didn’t just change the women’s lives who attended, they changed Elisabeth’s life as well. Teaching women led to coaching women in money issues (because most of them as issues:-) which brought her so much satisfaction. Eventually, however, she had to choose between doing youth programs and adult programs because, as with many women, we just try to do it all.

Since kids were her main focus in the beginning and how she got her start, she chose kids and teens but vowed to reintroduce the women’s program again at a later date.

The past couple of years Elisabeth has noticed more and more that women everywhere are stressed and overwhelmed when it comes to money. There doesn’t ever seem to be enough of it, there are too many questions about what to do with it, there is too much advertising to sift through to know where to put your money if you do happen to have put some away from when you’re “an awesomely wise and wonderful old bag” as she’s fond of saying.

Elisabeth has watched her 80-something year old mother struggle with money for years. Well, not struggle per se but be so cautious with every single dollar that she not only promised herself she would never live like that but she wanted to help women life more happily when it comes to money.

Having some fun dancing around at a break.

Having some fun dancing around at a break.

That later date is NOW and she couldn’t be more excited!

Elisabeth lives with her partner, Steve, on a small avocado farm (yup…avos for breakfast) in Carpinteria, California, just outside of Santa Barbara.

When she’s not teaching, writing, or developing new programs, you can find Elisabeth walking on the beach, lifting weights, doing some yoga, paining and making ceramics (her newest creative venture and love) and of course, tending her garden ~ all things she enjoys and keep her young, healthy and alive!

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