October 4, 2015

Our Method is Fun

Far too often life gets a wee bit on the serious side…especially when it comes to the subject of money. When you learn with us, you can count on a little fun, a lot of laughter and a whole new approach to dealing with your financials.

All of our programs, whether live or online, use a teaching method called Accelerated Learning or AL for short. The Accelerated Learning style of teaching invoices all three major learning styles:

Visual – seeing and reading

Auditory – hearing and talking

Kinesthetic – includes movement and emotion

Then we throw in an element of fun and light-heartedness and you get a different way of learning about money and investing. We think you’ll like it. At least that’s what others have said!

“I encourage anyone who feels that our society needs to completely change the way we learn about money, to attend a Creative Wealth event.  The training was one of the most enlightening seminars I have ever attended – and we learned SO much more than how to teach about money!”  Great Job! ~ Susan D.

financial fun for womenYou will leave Celebrating Women & Wealth with a smile on your face and a sense of playfulness that you perhaps haven’t let out in a while. After all, if we can’t have a little fun in our lives, what’s the point!

For us, living is playful, smile provoking and worthy of a chuckle on and off all day long. When we find ourselves taking everything too seriously, we also tend to find ourselves taking everything too personally and that opens up a whole can of spiders (eeks!) that, well, just isn’t pleasant to live through at all.

Come join us, come chuckle with us, come find your inner smile again and let’s change things up a bit.

Oh, and if you want, wear something fabulously outrageous to the event…something totally you but not ordinarily you. Let’s start the whole thing out right by remembering who YOU are!

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