financial fairy tale

A Money Fairy Tale for Women

Here’s a financial tale for your enjoyment… “Once upon a time there was a beautiful and popular girl who grew up in the world’s most perfect little family. Everyone loved each other, spoke nicely and supportively to each other and everyone went to bed happy and joyful every night. The girl learned everything she needed to[…]

rags to riches

25 Amazingly Successful Women Who Worked Their Way From Rags to Riches

If you think that you can’t succeed in their world and you’ll never have the money or life that you might wish for yourself, think again. Here’s some great information for you to ponder… The USA has been ranked the top place in the world for female entrepreneurs.(1) Many women have decided that working for[…]

random acts of kindness

Random Acts of Female Kindness

Feminine kindness comes from a place inside us that is hard-wired to take care of others. It’s what drives the majority of women on the planet. It’s why in my financial workshops I refer to us as ‘takercareofers’ and why, while many moons ago, we relied on the men in our lives to provide for[…]

Celebrating Women & Wealth unveils their new money workshop for women!

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – Download Flyer Here Creative Wealth Intl., LLC Announces Exciting, New “Celebrating Women & Wealth” Workshop in Santa Barbara, CA, March 12-13, 2016 at the Fess Parker Resort right across from the beach. It’s not a secret that many women have a difficult time understanding money in a way that sets them[…]

magic money


Positive thinking, powerful prayer, and raising your vibration. Is this how you’re going to create financial security? Without getting real with your money, none of this will make a difference. No zero’s will be added to your bank balance. Until you acknowledge and accept where you are and where your money is, all the positive[…]

Manifesting Your Dreams

Manifesting Your Dreams…Take This Clue From Your Children

Want to manifest your dreams quickly and easily? Then discover this most important secret to having what you want by buying a clue from our children. Let’s face it…kids just seem to get what they want. They are masters of it…but probably not for the reasons you might think. Before I share the ‘secret’ we[…]