June 15, 2015

Financial Resources!

Great Financial Education Resources for Women

Have you ever needed to learn something and just didn’t know where to turn OR needed to find the perfect resource for something? Well, we’re going to build you a great resource page here for both personal finance topics and needs as well as online marketing resources that we couldn’t live without.

This list will be books, apps, seminars/courses, websites, financial planners, and more.

The Language of Money

Language of MoneyHave you ever gone to another country where the you didn’t speak the language?

How did you feel not being able to communicate? Me too! I went to Brazil years ago and if it wasn’t for Sylvia, my Camp Millionaire licensee there, I would have been so lost.

Money is like this. There are hundreds of financial terms that simply need to learn so you know what’s going on and you know what people are talking about.

What are you waiting for? Just mozy on over to our Language of Money list and learn a couple of them each day! Have fun and remember, if you need more info, just type the word or phrase into Investopedia great site and you’ll be money literate before you know it.

Personal story:

When I was in my 30’s, yes…30’s…I kept hearing the words “mutual fund” and I kept asking people what it was. Every person I asked would give me a different answer and I just kept getting more confused.

Then…I signed up for a personal finance class at our local city college and the instructor started talking about mutual funds. I sheepishly raised my hand and asked him to explain because I just didn’t get it. Luckily for me, and probably others in the class, he explained it in a way that finally painted me a picture and I got it!

What are mutual funds? Essentially they are like buckets of companies that you invest in just by investing in the bucket. By investing in a bucket of companies rather than one, you lower your risk.

Now since then, the industry has introduced ETF’s which stands for Exchange Traded Funds. They are similar to mutual funds but have lower fees.

See, you really do need to learn the language of money! Good for you! Just learn one term a day. You’ll get it.


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