January 13, 2016

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Event Sponsorship Opportunities
~ Women Need Your Help ~

Women everywhere are struggling with money. This affects all aspects of their lives: their families, their health, their communities.

One of our goals at Celebrating Women & Wealth is that money isn’t a barrier to learning about money. This is where you come in.

Click here to download Celebrating Women & Wealth’s Event Sponsor Information Sheet

* You can either gift your Event Tickets to people/clients you know need to learn about money and investing or you can leave the tickets to us to provide to women who apply for scholarships. Either way, you’re doing a great thing! And YES, you can use the tickets to attend yourself!

** Our Expert Tables are designed to provide attendees with an opportunity to ask personal financial questions of financial experts. The goal is not to provide leads to sponsors because the event atmosphere is one of trust, not selling. However, if someone you talk to turns into a client, that’s fine by us.

For more information, call 805-957-1024 or email freedom@celebratingwomenandwealth.com

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purple_check Yes, I/we want to help ensure that women have a solid financial foundation so they can build strong, healthy families and communities.

Note: We will send appropriate information for desired level within 48 hours.

Desired Sponsorship Level:

Corporate $1000


Expert $500


Leader $250


Helper $100



Gift certificates and literature can be mailed to:

Creative Wealth Intl, LLC, 6950 Gobernador Canyon Road, Carpinteria, CA 93013
805-957-1024 or email freedom@celebratingwomenandwealth.com

You have chosen wisely, Obi-Wan! You are appreciated beyond your wildest dreams and history, women’s history, will remember you!

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