November 5, 2015

Financial (Money) Coaching w/ Elisabeth Donati

financial coaching

Money Coaching with Elisabeth Donati
The Financial Literacy Lady


Elisabeth Donati

Hi…my name is Elisabeth Donati. I’ve been in the world of financial education since 2002, when I started Money Camp for Kids camps (now called Camp Millionaire) in Santa Barbara, CA. Through the years, I have expanded to teaching teens in my Moving Out! for Teens camps and working with women in Creative Wealth for Women workshops. Exciting news: Celebrating Women & Wealth Workshops have begun in 2016!
One of thing I realized long ago is that women really want to learn and understand the world of money. In addition, they see money differently than men. This is perhaps the most interesting part of teaching and coaching women in the world of money. Since money infiltrates every single aspect of our lives — lifestyle, health, relationships, our ability to provide for our families, work and careers — it’s critical that we get a handle on how to make, manage and multiply the money that comes into our lives.
This is why I LOVE coaching women with their financial situations. Coaching sessions may touch on nearly every area of your life and, in turn, all areas of your life improve.
If you’re ready to work with a money coach and really make a difference, consider setting aside 30 minutes to chat with me about what we can do together. Just click the “How Can I Help” button on the lower right hand part of this page and schedule your complimentary call. I can’t wait to hear from you.

Until you’re ready, here’s some additional information for you…

Why you might want financial coaching:

  • You are tired of struggling every day, month and year with money and you know in your gut there’s just something you’re missing.
  • You don’t feel like you’ll ever be able to have the kind of financial experience other people have. (You might be surprised how easy it can be to have the kind of experience you dream of.)
  • You don’t understand how to move forward at all (i.e., you were never taught about the wonderful world of money…it’s OK, most of us weren’t).
  • You’re struggling with your partner when it comes to money. This is common and can be improved even if only one of you gets coaching.
  • You just don’t understand why we have to deal with money in the first place and you might even think life would be better if we didn’t have it.
  • You have this desire in your being to start a little (or big) business of your own and you want to run your own show.
  • A zillion other reasons; all have to do with needing a little or a lot more information about money and how it works in the world.

All Wealth is Learned

With the right beliefs, information, systems and tools, you can not just improve your financial situation, but hit it out of the park…if that’s what you want.

You’ve arrived in the right place, because I LOVE helping women learn about, and grow in the areas of, money, investing and entrepreneurship.


Here’s How We Will Work Together

First, you contact me and set up a free initial 30-minute consultation. You may ask me questions, tell me about your situation, and see how comfortable we are chatting together. This is my gift to you.

If you decide to move forward, we’ll schedule our first session together and get to work. [Even if you don’t, I will feel honored that we had that time together.]

To begin our journey, I will send you a Client Information Form, which requires about an hour for you to complete if you’re being honest and introspective. You send it back to me at least two days prior to our first official appointment (by phone or in person).

This form provides clues that I have trained (and practiced) for years to see; indications for why you’re in the position you’re in and the best ways to help you in areas you most wish to change. I take so many notes on your information form that it may resemble a piece of art when I’m done because I often use different colored pens!

Our first meeting (~90 minutes) includes goal setting, talking over many things, figuring out what works best, and taking it one manageable step at a time.

Your sessions can be weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or as needed. Everyone’s progress and schedules differ, so there is no set time frame. Just like life!

You make progress. We have fun. We both learn and grow. You start to notice that you’re less stressed in many areas of your life and you are perhaps happier along the way. All is good in the world.

Think about it this way…someone once, a long time ago, said this to me…

“If you keep doing what you’re doing now, and don’t learn anything new or do anything differently, in a year from now, you’ll still be in the same position, experiencing the same things and wishing things were different.” 

However, if you make a commitment to start fixing, changing, learning and growing in areas of your life that need fixing, changing, more information and growing, there’s a good chance your life will be in a whole new wonderful place.

Here’s my promise to you:

I promise, that after just six (6) sessions together, you’ll feel lighter, happier, more secure, more knowledgeable, more in control and less stressed when it comes to money.

What are you waiting for? I know you’re tired of your situation because if you weren’t, you wouldn’t be reading my words.

It’s your call…805-957-1024. I’m waiting for you.


Let’s Get Started!

Quick Start Program…Three-Month Commitment (approximately)

  • 90-minute initial session
  • 50-minute ongoing sessions – frequency of sessions is determined by you and me
  • Total commitment: 6 sessions minimum
  • In person or by phone or Skype
  • Access to financial advisers, accountants, business attorneys, and other experts, as needed
  • Note: my coaching process is very organic…we go where you need to go when you need to go there.


Your initial commitment to get you to where you want to be…$900…($150 per session). In my experience, it takes a minimum of six sessions to get through all the ‘stuff’ and set some systems and strategies in place to regain control. Won’t that be nice?

Payment options:

If paid in advance: 6 sessions for $750 ($125 per session…you save $150)

money coaching

Three monthly payments billed to your credit card of $300 each ($150 per session)

money coaching

Ongoing coaching after your initial six sessions. Many of my clients only need an occasional check-in after the initial 3 months. That’s how powerful our work is together!

Single session: $120/ per

money coaching

Package of three (3) sessions: $275 spread out as you need them.

money coaching

Don’t keep wishing you had the answer. If you did, you’d already have made the changes you keep saying you want to make. Let me help. It’s what I was born to do and why I get up in the morning.


If you’re ready to finally have a money coach help you get where you’ve always wanted to go while learning to enjoy the journey, then call me. I guarantee you’ll get results or your money back AND I’ll send you a batch of my homemade chocolate chip-oatmeal cookies. You can’t find a better offer than that.


Get a FREE 30-Minute Coaching Call – Click to schedule YOUR call!

free 30 minutes money coaching call



or email me for more information.


You have nothing to lose and financial sanity to gain!

Schedule your call and I will help you get back on track.



Some of Elisabeth’s Clients

“Her expert and practical coaching about finances and relationships is eminently sane! Saves my sanity and my relationship on a regular basis!” ~ Erika Thost, MD [2016]purpledivider

“Dear Elisabeth…I can’t tell you how much I appreciate you. Many positive and powerful changes have been occurring since I started working with you. Thank you for your guidance, your support and your compassion.” Much Love, N [2008]purpledivider

“Coaching with Elisabeth was a very straightforward matter: my relationship with all money matters had been very messed up for the last 25 years of my adult life. Elisabeth’s deadpan no-nonsense approach helped me face my money demons and emerge re-calibrated, understanding what real wealth means and equipped with a great set of tools to get going. Elisabeth’s coaching has taught me great new habits; however, more profoundly, it has been a journey that has changed the very essence of my ‘being’ in relation to all wealth matters to the extent that my ‘old’ me seems somewhere in the distant past already.” D [2011]

“The cavalry has arrived! For your willingness, ability and availability to work with me, thank you!” M [2015]


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