February 16, 2016

Financial Education Workshop for Women

Would YOUR life look different if you understood money?

Come find out at our upcoming…
Celebrating Women & Wealth Workshop

(Note: Our March workshop was great. We’re busy deciding where to go next. If you’d like to promote a Celebrating Women & Wealth Workshop in your area, let us know!)

Welcome to Celebrating Women & Wealth, a unique, supportive and fun financial education workshop just for women.

“Are you struggling in some way with any aspect of your financial life?”

If you said “YES”, you are in the right place! We see women struggling finanically everywhere we turn: single women, young women, retired and senior women, and especially single women trying to raise children.

Struggling with financial issues affects women’s health, their ability to raise healthy children, their ability to pay for healthy food and get great medical care. The bottom line is that women’s difficulties with money impact our world in a profound way.

Our Celebrating Women & Wealth Workshop is our gift to you.

sign up nowWe’re pretty sure that you wouldn’t have found us if you weren’t struggling financially in some way. If you’re fed up with the money part of your life being in such a mess and have finally decided to do something about it, we are so excited you found Celebrating Women & Wealth. And good for you for taking the first step.

There’s a saying we love…

“If you always do what you’ve always done, you always get what you’ve always gotten.”

women learning about moneyAnd if you don’t LIKE your financial situation now, let us help you change it!

March 12-13, 2016 — in time for you to experience a new year with an entirely new and refreshingly peaceful way to think about, handle, and grow money–Creative Wealth will debut it’s new Celebrating Women & Wealth program in beautiful sunny (or hopefully rainy, since we’re experiencing a terrible drought) Santa Barbara, California. 

Financial Education for Women

At Creative Wealth, we believe that “All Wealth Is Learned.” This means you can learn how to manage and invest money wisely.

Why Women Struggle Financially

Your financial problems are likely linked to the fact that:

  • We’re not taught how to make money on our own terms…we’re taught to help other people make money.
  • We don’t learn how to think about money in a positive, supportive way.
  • We don’t learn the financial habits necessary to develop financial freedom and security for ourselves and our families.
  • We don’t learn how to manage money in a way that makes sense and is easy to do.
  • We don’t understand how to invest money so we’re financially secure when we get older.
  • We don’t have a clue how to talk to our spouses or significant others about money. If 50% of marriages end in divorce and the main reason for those divorces is money, we need to learn to talk about it.
  • We don’t understand how to teach our children about money.
  • And visually never do we learn that men and women see, think about, and use money differently and this is a huge thing!

Let us help improve your understanding of money and your quality of life!

Celebrating Women & Wealth was designed from our unique feminine perspective. We encourage you to bring daughters, grand-daughters and nieces if you have them.This programs is for ages 16 and up and our focus is simple: provide a dynamic, effective environment for financial education for women.

What You’ll Learn

  • How you got into your current financial situation so you can get out of it as graciously, and as quickly, as possible.
  • How to start thinking differently about money so that it doesn’t control your life.
  • How to experience more peace about money.
  • How women and men view money differently.
  • How to use a simple money management system to take the guesswork out of managing your money.
  • The simple, time-tested financial habits it takes to create financial freedom and security.
  • An easy-to-follow method to get out of debt more quickly.
  • How to start investing, even if you only have a few dollars to invest!
  • The important difference between EARNING money and MAKING money.
  • How to talk to your spouse or significant other about money.
  • How to teach kids about money.
  • That learning about money can actually be fun!

Real financial freedom comes when money no longer controls your sense of peace and well-being.

Most people think that to be financially free and happy, you have to have a lot more money than you do today. Surprisingly, research has shown that people who have enough money to take care of their needs and a few of their wants are no more or less happy than people who have a ton of money. (And yes, we agree that it’s great to have MORE than enough coming in so you can experience YOUR life in the ways you want).

In other words, money doesn’t make you happy (there are plenty of people who have more money than they can spend and are living miserable lives). ENOUGH money, however, certainly helps most of us experience life in a much happier fashion.

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Truthfully, when you learn to think about your personal finances in a completely different way–a feminine, calm and peaceful way–it doesn’t have to control your every waking hour. This benefits everyone!

If you’re like many women, you have learned to deal with your money in a variety of interesting ways.

  • You ignore it.
  • You protect it and never let it out of your sight.
  • You get rid of it as quickly as possible.
  • You despise it or look down on people who have more than you do.
  • You make it the most important thing in your life.
  • You worry about it all day long.
These ways of being with money translate into Money Personalities. You’ll learn about yours in the workshop AND how to make your unique personality work FOR you instead of AGAINST you. While it’s true that what happens during our childhoods is typically done TO us or thrust UPON us, when we get to about 25 years old, we can no longer blame, justify or rationalize why we are stressed, lonely, miserable, sick and broke. (Most people have a story about one or more of these states of being. You may be surprised to find out how these stories and your history with money dictate your financial life). At this point, regardless of your age, the only way out of any financial mess you might be in is to stop justifying, stop blaming and stop making excuses for why your financial life isn’t working the way you want it to. One of my favorite sayings is, “If you find yourself in a hole, stop digging!”

To stop digging, start doing something else. Look in the mirror and really see yourself. Ask yourself if you’re finally willing to stop settling for your current financial state and are ready to change the rest of your life. Celebrating Women & Wealth was created for women, by women and will be taught by women. This new women-only financial seminar is designed for women age 16 and up in order to encourage young women to learn this information early. This women-only financial education program is the inspiration of Elisabeth Donati, a woman who has been there, done that and lived to tell the tale.
So where do you go from here? Well, if you’re like many women, you’ve settled into a rocky financial place for way too long and you don’t have a clue how to get out. You may not even remember, or have experienced, the peace that comes from having more than enough money coming in each month to cover your needs and wants, let along providing the extra money you need to save and invest for your future or enjoy the heck out of your life!

Let’s change this once and for all!

You know how, when you’re in an airplane and there’s a lot of turbulence for a long time and then, all of a sudden, the turbulence stops and your body says, “Ahhhhhhhh?” THIS is exactly how we want you to feel when you finish Celebrating Women & Wealth.

What You’ll Experience AFTER The Event

  • Less turbulence and more peace around your personal financial situation.
  • A solid, workable plan to manage your money.
  • Lots of financial tips, tricks and habits to start incorporating into your daily life so you can start changing your financial situation quickly and effortlessly.
  • A renewed sense of hope for your future.
  • A vision of how your life will be once your financial challenges are addressed and you’re on your way to financial peace and security.
  • A team of loving, caring, supportive women who are here for you every single day in your new financial journey.
  • Memories of the fabulous time you had during the weekend. (Did we mentioned the weekend will be fun?)
  • Photos of your new girlfriends to remind you of your experience.
  • A fresh new commitment to improve your financial life once and for all.
  • A way to give back and pass the information forward. (Note: You are never asked to sign a waiver not to share this information. We want these financial secrets to get out and we want YOU to help us disseminate them to as many women as possible).

Why are we so sure you’re going to have an amazing weekend? Because teaching people (kids, teens and adults) about money and investing in a unique, life-changing, jaw-dropping, engaging, interactive, playful and fun way is what we do at Creative Wealth! It’s what we’re known for and it’s how you’ll get to know us.

The Money Game Financial Literacy GameWe use our proprietary financial education game, The Money Game, to help you learn about money by DOING money. You’ll be surprised at how many lessons you’ll learn playing this game. You might also be surprised by how few notes you take. This is not your grandmother’s seminar!

Celebrating Women & Wealth
will be the event you remember as the weekend that changed your life. By the way, you always change our lives as well. We love helping you improve your life, because we know if we can help you improve your life, everyone’s life around you will improve, including ours. That’s a great thing!

What are you waiting for? Remember, if in a year from now, you are still doing what you’re doing now with the same lack of information you have now, you’ll be in the same situation you’re in today. This is not the life we want for you. We want you to have exactly what you want for yourself and your family…whatever that means to you.

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We’re ready to help you change your financial future. Are you ready? Great…sign up below! And don’t think you can’t afford it. Read below!

Your Trainers

Elisabeth Donati

Elisabeth Donati – Entrepreneur, Writer, Trainer, Coach

MISSION: “I was put on the planet to invite people to think differently about pretty much everything.”

Named the “2010 Financial Educator of the Year Award” by National Financial Educators Council, Elisabeth Donati, aka The Financial Literacy Lady, provides financial literacy education programs and events for kids, teens and (mostly) women all over the world.

She’s provided financial education coaching and advice to hundreds of adults over the years and thousands of youth with her Camp Millionaire, Moving Out! for Teens, and The Money Game.

Elisabeth owns and run Creative Wealth Intl, LLC and is the creator of several super engaging and highly effective financial education programs. Creative Wealth has also licensed their unique brand of financial education to more than 10 countries in the world.

Marjean Holden

Marjean Holden – Actress, Stuntwoman, Transformational Trainer, Mom

MISSION – “I am here to Touch, Move and Inspire others to live their Purpose with Passion and Power.”

Born in Vail, Colorado, and standing nearly 6 feet tall, Marjean Holden is definitely not your classic girl next door. With a wide range of abilities, she has been an exceptional commodity in the entertainment industry, and in her early years was referred to by some as a “Young Pam Grier”.

Being from a family of entertainers, she knew at a young age that the “BIZ” was definitely her thing. She started her quest in the 4th grade where she produced, directed, and starred in her first stage play. From that time on, any production her school put on, she was sure to try out for.

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Reserve Your Seat Now

Date: Fall, 2016
Location: TBD, Santa Barbara, California
Time: Friday, 6-9 pm, Saturday 9-8 pm (evening will be fun!), Sunday 9-5 pm
Cost: Only $297 per person (ages 16 and up)

sign up now

Please download our event flyer to share with your family, friends and co-workers. Thank you!

WAIT! Can’t afford the seat deposit? No problem. We have several volunteer spots open, so please don’t let money keep you from attending this much needed program. Please come as a volunteer. Fill out the simple online Volunteer Application here!

Note: At the end of the workshop, you will have an opportunity to contribute to the program in an amount equal to the value you received. This helps us offset the cost incurred to run the event and ensure than all women, regardless of financial means, can learn how to improve her financial situation. Our goal is for ALL WOMEN to be able to attend this program and it’s going to take a girlfriend approach to do it. Thank you!

Event Details

Event Location:

Fess Parker Hilton Hotel – 633 E. Cabrillo Blvd., Santa Barbara, CA 93103
Reservations: 805-564-4333

Travel Suggestion:

Airport: LAX, Burbank or Santa Barbara
Train: Amtrak Station – Santa Barbara


Any questions, call our Creative Wealth Team at 805-957-1024.


Your family, community and world needs you to understand money.
Elisabeth Donati


Elisabeth…The Financial Literacy Lady
P.S. Our guarantee to you: If you don’t have at least one life-altering “Ah-ha” during our program, it means you weren’t ready to be honest with yourself OR you’d already learned everything we taught in the program. Either way, we’ll offer you a free spot in any upcoming event for when you ARE ready OR we’ll refund your money as long as you agree to pass the information on to at least three of your favorite women!

Money JarsP.P.S. When you register, you’re going to get a link to download my book, The Money Jars: Your Magical Money Management System. Please download and read it prior to attending the weekend. We’ll be going over this system in detail and answering any questions you have. (Oh, and feel free to start using the system sooner…that gives you a jump on your new financial life.)

P.P.P.S. Look for several additional emails before the event.

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