December 11, 2015

Six “M”s of Money–On-line Financial Education for Women

You are about to enter into a very different world when it comes to learning about money…one you’ll enjoy!

Financial Education for Women (An idea who’s time has come!)

We’ve created a brand new platform where any woman, and we mean ANY woman, can learn about money and investing when she’s ready.

We know that mastering the fine art of personal finance can seem daunting and beyond overwhelming, but that’s the last thing we want to add to your life. Remember, our mission is to help you find a more peaceful, effective manner in which to handle your personal life. So this is what we did…

We took all of our educational materials and made them available online. Now you can learn about money in a comfortable setting of your own choosing…who knows…you might want to learn about money while still comfy, cozy in your jammies. Nobody’s looking! Money shouldn’t be a scary, intimidating topic. Ultimately, we all need to understand it in order to use it for our benefit and the benefit of others. Therefore, we better understand as much as we can about the topic of money.

We’ve all heard the funny little question/joke:

How does one eat an elephant?”

The answer, always: “One bite at a time.

[Not that any of us would ever eat a real elephant! Do you know how smart elephants are and how amazing the mother and aunt elephants are with their families? Watch a few videos on elephants and you’ll know what we mean. We can only strive to be as profoundly awesome as an elephant! :-) Now, back to the matter at hand…]

When you take the elephant-size topic of money and break it into bite-size, digestible pieces, you now have a way to learn a little or a lot, as quickly or slowly as you need, then understand it and start applying it your life.

Only after you learn it, understand it, and start applying what you learn, will you start to see your personal financial situation change for the better.

If you are here, reading our words, you are ready! Congratulations and welcome. We’re ready for you as well.

Welcome to the Six “M”s of Money…

A new online educational program,
built with an easy to use platform that allows you to login and learn on your own schedule. 

The Six “M”s of Money are as follows:

  1. Minding your money
  2. Managing your money
  3. Making money
  4. Multiplying your money
  5. Mending with your money
  6. Mentoring others on money

In this program, you are going to systematically learn, understand and apply the time-tested financial wisdom passed down from wealthy women to wealthy women over the centuries.

You see, the first thing you must understand:

All Wealth is Learned. If you can learn, you can get this. You don’t have to stay where you are for the rest of your life. Becoming wealthy, financially free or rich (we use these terms interchangeably) truly requires learning how and then applying what you’ve learned. (Oh, and there’s a big WHY in there that will come first. More on this soon.)

Please stay tuned for more. This program will be ready Spring 2016. If you want to be notified as we’re getting ready to open for learning, send an email to with the subject line of Count Me In! These are the people we’ll notify first–with special pre-launch opportunities, of course.

Not much longer…join the excitement!

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2 thoughts on “Six “M”s of Money–On-line Financial Education for Women

    • Hi Sylvia,

      I am creating on online version over the next 6 months. It is a huge undertaking and I’m so excited about it. Stay tuned. I’ll add you to our database to let know when it’s ready. We’ve made the workshop incredibly affordable as well in some of the women are close enough to drive to Santa Barbara in March. If you haven’t checked out the workshop, check out . Thanks for the note.

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