December 16, 2015

Testimonials for Celebrating Women and Wealth

Women Need to be Empowered.
Help others by sharing! I learned a ton! I loved having a variety of information I could apply to my life! Women really need this! Women need to be empowered! Help others by sharing!

~ Tasha Orshoff, Stay-at-home Mom

Empowering Journey for All Women.

2Help others by sharing! If you are asking yourself what will you take home from this product, I can answer you with one sentence: an amazing and empowering journey that will last forever, for you and for the people you love. Just trust Elisabeth and go with the flow. Help others by sharing!

~ Terry Inglese, Researcher

Life-Changing Direction


For a long time, money was not important to me; it took a back seat in my life. Anytime I took a financial class, it bored or overwhelmed me. This workshop changed all that!! The workshop was fun, supportive, energizing, uplifting. I learned that my relationship to money is something that I can nurture, not ignore. Even after taking the workshop, the Creative Wealth team has remained by my side helping me continue to develop (for free!!) – it wasn’t just a one-weekend side-trip but a one-weekend life-change of direction.

~ Sheila Chatterjee, Attendee

Worth the Price of Admission


This was a wonderful beginning experience to learn about finance and money management. It was worth the entire weekend of my time to come to this. I am ecstatic! Elisabeth is passionate and gave her ‘all’ to form this program. The all-women seminar was motivating and eye-opening. I can’t wait to get on track!

Linette Jackson, Insurance Saleswoman

Education Pays the Best Reward


My life hasn’t been the same since connecting with Creative Wealth. It’s hard to believe that I could have missed one of the most important weekends of my life all because I was afraid to spend the money. Celebrating Women & Wealth has truly changed my life and the way I choose to live it. The most wonderful gift was a new-found sense of empowerment over my finances, over my fears, and over what I truly want in life. I have learned and continue to learn more and more about myself and how I want my life to be shaped here and now. I am so much stronger when faced with making day to day financial decisions. I no longer feel guilty spending money because I am confident that I know where my money is being spent. I learned to take ownership of my finances, and ultimately to look at each new day as an opportunity to tell the world what I want instead of letting the world tell me what I need.

~ Mary Derby, Attendeee

Mandatory Women’s Experience


The experience was amazing ~ the skills, the teachers ~ enthusiastic and fun! I learned more new things about money and creating wealth and the program reinforced what I did already know. Every woman should take this seminar! It will change your life and help you manifest what you want.

~ Andrea Slaby, Professional Photographer

My Self-Worth is NOT My Net-Worth!


The most important thing I learned is this: how to detach my self-worth from my net-worth ~ one of many things not taught in my college accounting classes. This program also marks something significant for my family ~ this gave my mom and me the motivation to create and sell a Tribute 2009 Calendar to honor my dad’s life (and its success has helped pay her mortgage!). As a recent widow, my mom gained a lot of knowledge about finances. And, if you majored in business like I did, this workshop just might provide inspiration for your own entrepreneurship ventures!

~ Tracy Cooper, Mary Kay Beauty Consultant and Accountant

My Financial Eyes Were Opened Wide!


Without Celebrating Women & Wealth, I might be in the midst of a divorce ~ from my money! My relationship with money felt like an arranged marriage. I had a hundred stories about why it didn’t work which kept me emotionally paralyzed and unwilling to put forth any effort at all. It felt like “money and I” were doomed from the start. But I got help! The Creative Wealth for Women program ~ and Elisabeth Donati ~ opened my eyes to the reality beyond my stories. It was the turning point for me. Achieving financial freedom is now a reachable state of being. I’m not “there” yet but “money and I” are going to make it after all. I’m sure of it.

~ Jan Ruskin, Life Coach & Financial Advocate

Fabulous Steps Forward


Elisabeth and the Creative Wealth Program helped me identify my unconscious beliefs about money. This HUGE first step is already allowing me to transform my attitudes and forge a NEW VIEW. It is fabulous and exciting to explore the true meaning of money and cease to be afraid of it! I love Celebrating Women & Wealth ~ and I’ll tell everyone I know!

Mary Thieme, Attendee

Powerful Tools to Reach Your Goals


Help others by sharing! I loved it! I feel like I’ve started on a life-long path of being empowered and informed and free with my financial life. I feel like I can set more ambitious goals and know there ARE powerful, easy-to-use tools to help me reach them. Help others by sharing!

Amazingly Empowering


I rarely use the word amazing. But this class amazed me. You said it would be powerful and it was. I had no idea that finance and freedom could be linked together. But you have given me the possibility to rise above the drudgery of bills and taxes to playing with and enjoying money. Sincere thank you.

~ Daphne, Attendee

It’s My Choice!


Help others by sharing! This was so educational and hopeful. I am several steps closer to creating financial freedom for myself now. Love the fact that I now know I have a choice, very empowering. Help others by sharing!

~ La Che, Attendee

Giving Hope to Women Everywhere


Help others by sharing! It is fabulous to know that I have the potential to win financial freedom. The skills and habits taught by Celebrating Women & Wealth have given me hope where I had given up. I believe everything is possible now because of this workshop. Thank you! Help others by sharing!

~ Dena

Perfect Timing to Change My Life


The timing of your workshop was no accident for me. I was in the process of getting off of 13 years of public! I know too well what it’s like to be trapped by self-defeating negative beliefs, ignorance, and most of all, low self-esteem. Your course talked me positive beliefs, powerful manifestation tips, and how to create my financial success on my own! I share my experience with you because you taught me all this with your heart. Thank you for your inspiration, education and mind liberation!


Excited About Her Future


I am thrilled I invested the money and time attending your program. I now have a personal plan for financial success in my near and far future. For the first time, my bank account is growing and I see myself investing for my future! I am so excited!

~ Mary, Attendee

This Program is Needed By All Women.

Help others by sharing! Truly, as important as driver’s education is to a child’s independence, so is proper money management education to women! Celebrating Women & Wealth is a must. Help others by sharing!

~ Phoebe, Attendee

Life Changing Experience

This weekend literally changed my life forever. I will always be grateful for the opportunity to attend this program, at a time in my life when I had lost all faith in myself, to learn how money works and what is necessary to become financially free. I can’t wait to share what I’ve learned with family and friends and to encourage everyone I know to attend this life-changing program. Thank you for giving so much of yourself and changing our lives forever. I now have the tools to manage my money successfully and I will have fun doing it as well!

~ Paula, Attendee 

Perfect Beginning to a Brand New Way of Living

This was a wonderful introduction to money and wealth creation. I learned how to first prepare my mind to receive and use money. That I are worthy of having it. Not all rich people are unkind or uncaring. Asking for help and direction is OK. I loved all of the basic information on investing and how the interaction and activities made this work fun and memorable.

~ Sharon, Attendee

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