Women & Money Book Review

Suze Orman is a financial expert who has written several books, yet it came as a surprise to her that one day she’d write a book about helping women with money. Women are just as competent as men in any task. Can there be a reason why many don’t have a clue about their own finances?

Women must juggle multiple roles at home, yet often there’s a shortfall when it comes to managing the finances. Suze Orman’s book, “Women & Money—Owning the Power to Control Your Destiny” aims to provide the knowledge that women need to be successful in all aspects of life.

Suze Orman investigates why women do not have the same competence with money. She begins by saying many have a dysfunctional relationship with it. She treats the subject with compassion, and understanding.

In order for women to overcome financial roadblocks, Orman equips readers with the financial knowledge to get them back on the road to solid financial health. Women may need to overcome obstacles with emotional awareness, that may play a factor in overspending.

Suze Orman also helps you to implement a plan. In the middle of the book is the “Save Yourself Plan”. This is a five month long program, with steps to follow. This will get you back on track, from paying off your bills, to saving money. This plan promises to deliver financial security to you.

According to Suze, “It all begins with the decision to save yourself.” Apparently your ability to manage money can be tied in with your own self-worth. If you carelessly spend money, you may not care about where you’ll be next year. But if you examine your emotions, and get back on track, you’ll know that you’re worth getting the debt under control, and saving up some cash for something special.

Orman believes that keeping account of your own finances will lead to your long-term financial stability. Planning ahead can actually save you. You can imagine what might happen if you live paycheck to paycheck, and you take ill, with a minimum of insurance. Do you want to get into debt because of an eventuality, or do you want to have some cash in your savings account, so you have something for a new car, fridge, or food?

All versions of the “Women and Money” book are available for under $10, and it will be the best investment you’ve made this week.

Book recommendations are favorable for Suze Orman’s book. According to Liz Miller’s recent review, she states that, “Women need to stand up to traditional gender roles when it comes to managing money, so they can be involved in their own financial future”.




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